There Once was a Woman….

There were many things I was prepared for when I became a single mom;  the role of CSS (Chief Spider Slayer) was not among them.

This year has been the worst for spiders.  I may be crazy, but I think there is something about the weather that has caused an explosion in the spider population.  Either that or they find my normally neat and clean house to be such a haven that they’ve decided to take up permanent residence.

It seems like every time I turn around a new and intricate web has been spun.  I vacuum, I dust, I swat, and still they continue to make my house look like I decorated for Halloween prematurely. It doesn’t help that my son is well, shall we say, less than fond of insects. 

Tonight as I passed from the laundry room through the man cave and toward upstairs he stopped me and pointed at the ceiling.

“Mom, I thought I should let you know there’s an extremely large and creepy bug on the wall.” He said.

“OK, does that mean you want me to take care of it?” I asked.

“No, not this time, it’s a centipede.” He replied

“Sooooo, you like centipedes?”

“Of course not, they’re creepy.  But they’re also dangerous.  Centipedes are closely related to millipedes which are poisonous, can bite you, and therefore not worth the risk of killing.” He informed me. 

(I guess he loves me after all, either that or he figured that my untimely demise as the result of a deadly centipede bite would make him the CSS).

In spite of the threat of poison, or maybe because I didn’t believe him, I swiftly caught the sleeping centipede between the folds of the paper towel I happened to be carrying.

“Done, no more creepy bug, and I’m still alive to tell the tale,” I exclaimed and made my way upstairs.

I have to admit I was a little freaked out about his claim that they were poisonous, this was news to me, and he tends to be quite accurate with his facts.   I googled it and found that centipedes and millipedes are closely related, and yes they both can release poisonous venom but not in a quantity that would harm a human, only enough to paralyze an insect.  Phew!

However, I did learn that centipedes eat house spiders, hmmmm…. perhaps I should have let him live.

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