The Art of Multitasking

Multitasking: The handling of more than one task at the same time: it’s a desirable attribute in computers and sometimes in people, but never while driving, and especially not in the morning when you’re half asleep.  I confess that I multitask in the morning, but I do it in the safety of my own home.

“Why is your toothbrush on the kitchen counter?” my son asked.

“Because I brushed my teeth on the patio and didn’t have time to take it back upstairs before I left for work,” I responded.

With a raised eyebrow he asked, “You brushed your teeth on the patio?”

“I did, why?” I replied, wondering what his point was.

 “People don’t normally brush their teeth on the patio.”

I think he wanted to say “‘Normal’ people don’t brush their teeth on the patio.” What he doesn’t realize is that I am gifted when it comes to doing two or more things at once, especially while getting ready for work and while it may not be ‘normal,’ it’s necessary.

I don’t know what happens to the time in the morning, but for some reason I always end up running late.  It doesn’t seem to matter what time I set the alarm for, or what time I actually get up; there never seems to be enough time.  So, I mix my blueberries and yogurt while the coffee brews, put my makeup on as I dry my hair, and brush my teeth when I let the dogs out.

My morning routine may be odd and raise a few eyebrows, but at least I’m not dangerous. 

I don’t drive with my knees so I can apply lipstick while hashing over the latest gossip on my smart phone, or read the newspaper while driving, and I certainly don’t shave on my way to work.  Of course, I’ll also never admit that in high school I had an adapter so I could plug my curling iron into the cigarette lighter of my Toyota ‘just in case’ my Farah Fawcett-like mane needed a touch up while driving to school.

I was shocked to learn that according to the National Safety Council, its estimated there are 1.6 million accidents per year involve texting and driving, that’s a staggering statistic. 

Let’s make a pact. You don’t have to brush your teeth on the patio, but please refrain from driving with your knees.  Practice safe multitasking.

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