Name This Cloud…

Remember lazy sunny days?  Laying in on the side of a grassy hill and letting your imagination run wild?  A cloud that looks like a duck to one person looks like a character from an animated movie or a bull wearing a wig to another.

I’m privileged to be spending a week at my favorite spot on earth, Big Sand Lake near Park Rapids, Minnesota.  One of my favorite things to do in addition to sunbathing, bike riding, and water skiing is to hop on the pontoon at sunset and go for a leisurely ride around the lake.

The sky can change a million times from one night to the next and sometimes in a matter of minutes. A single cloud might resemble a rainbow: a puffy ribbon of pink in between a base of deep majestic purple and a crown of white.

rainbow cloud

You might see clouds shaped like birds flying through the sky, or are they cars, or maybe there’s a whale – perhaps you see something else.

There’s always the chance of seeing two ships going into battle.

cloud ships

Is the big grey cloud on the horizon an insect, an alien, or an animal?


There’s no limit to the number of ways that clouds can shift and shape and the ways our imagination can interpret them is endless.  It sort of gives new meaning to the phrase – the sky is the limit.

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