Chicka Boom, Chicka Brush

I left for my run without my ipod. When I realized it I was annoyed, but given the fact that it took me nearly 1/2 a mile to notice it, I’d have to admit it wasn’t a tragedy after all.

I’d spent most of the day feeling anxious and blue.  My mind filled with thoughts of all I can’t do.

Chicka boom, chicka boom…a strange and unfamiliar sound interrupted my silent soliloquy.  No wait, not chicka boom…chicka brush, chicka brush, like two shakes of a maraca followed by swish, the single beat of a brush on a drum.

The rhythmic sound grew closer and passed me.  Chicka, the two beat sound as his prosthetic bounced against the fine gravel,  then brush as his foot completed his stride.

Chicka brush, chicka brush…

We exchanged a silent wave and I watched him run into the sun.

Inspiration and perspective come at unexpected times and in unpredictable forms.

The next time I think “I can’t” or “it’s too hard,” I’ll do my best to remember chicka boom, chicka brush: the sound of yes I can.

4 thoughts on “Chicka Boom, Chicka Brush

  1. Thank you for reminding me that my day is not as bad as I made it seem. As I read your post I couldn’t think of where you got the chicka boom or brush from. But when I read further I could picture it in my mind. Just a kick in the pants that I needed to get out of the “blues” today. Thanks!

  2. I’m glad it helped. 🙂 I know it did for me when I experienced it. It snapped me right out of my personal pity party and helped to put things in perspective.

    I think we all get down and blue and sometimes need a gentle reminder (or a kick in the pants) about how good we have it.


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