I didn’t realize you thought I meant ‘this’ week…

Do you ever wonder how some independent contractors actually make a living? I know I do.

My landlord made an arrangement with Bobby (the tree guy) to remove two trees from the yard. The work was scheduled to start on Monday  June 6th, or so we thought. I figured it would be a day or two one way or the other, so I was pleased when I arrived home on Wednesday evening of the same week and saw a nice stack of future firewood piled up in the front yard.

I was confident that during the following days my yard would become filled with more future fireplace fuel and I’d be sure to be frustrated about the mess, but thankful for the progress.

However, Thursday passed into Friday and the days melted into the weekend, but the pile of logs took up no more and no less space than when I arrived home on Wednesday.

Over the weekend I received news that he would be here on Sunday or Monday depending on the weather and equipment.

Today is Tuesday and still no sign of Bobby.  The only evidence that he actually exists is the topless tree and the pile of lopped off lumber in my front yard.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Granted he only said Sunday or Monday, he didn’t specify ‘this’ week.  Let’s just hope he meant ‘this’ year.

6 thoughts on “I didn’t realize you thought I meant ‘this’ week…

  1. I have the exact same feelings about independent contractors! I don’t know how some of them live at all. I can’t even count the number of calls I have made for folks to come out and give us estimates, only to have people not show up or never call us back. A few have even come out, asked us questions and analyzed the job that needed to be done, and then never called us to tell us what their estimate was! It is totally crazy to me.

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