Ok, so a question for everyone…

“If my fiancé used the words honeymoon and R.V. in the same sentence, should I be concerned?”

This could quite possibly be one of the funniest questions I’ve ever heard someone ask a group of co-workers. The answer from the group was a resounding, Yes!

Not that vacationing in a Recreational Vehicle in and of itself is a bad thing, clearly it’s not. There are lots of people who tour the country and enjoy life through the window of said transportation.

But for this woman, whose home is in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the answer seemed clear to all in the room.

The Ritz maybe, an R.V., definitely not.

Oddly enough the conversation took me back in time, to when I was in 6th grade and my best friend’s family had an R.V. Her dad owned a John Deere dealership and judging by the size of their house he did quite well. His name was Harley and her mom’s name was Adele.


“Oh there you are,” she’d say, once she finally found him.

Her voice was shrill and I always wondered if he hid just far enough away, that he wouldn’t hear how her voice rose to a pitch as it approached the R and slid back down to normal on the Y.  But I digress.

The R.V. was visible to all who drove by their house, another sign of wealth based on my limited exposure to the world.

I’ll never forget going ‘camping’ with them. Camping is a word I’d have to use loosely as it related to camping with the Taylors. The Recreational Vehicle was a home on wheels, equipped with every convenience conceivable all packed within something that from the outside looked like a very large toaster.

It was luxury in the wilderness at its finest. We had running water, electricity, a shower, a toilet that flushed and sheets that smelled like hot summer air.

Lynn’s mom could prepare a feast inside or her dad could grill and we’d go ‘out’ to eat, either way the food and the company was a treat.

Lynn and I teased her older sisters mercilessly about their boyfriends, all the while curious and maybe a bit jealous, wondering if we’d ever have one of our own. Harley and Adele sat side by side in a comfortable silence watching and smiling as we all shrieked and giggled.

After a trip down memory lane, I circle back around to the original question.

“If my fiancé used the words ‘honeymoon’ and ‘R.V.’ in the same sentence, should I be concerned?”

I have no idea, the only thing I know, is that we all had a good laugh today

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