A Picture is Worth 200 Words

I take pictures of everything, and multiple versions of most things. I’m not a photographer by any means, although every once in a while I get lucky and capture something breathtaking or unique.

I like to think the digital camera was invented just for me.  My desire to take numerous pictures from different angles began a long time ago.

We were on vacation in New York City, I was 13 and I took picture after picture of the Statue of Liberty.  I think that may have been the only thing on the roll of film.  I couldn’t help myself, I was fascinated with the various angles, shadows, and reflections.  To me she looked different with every click of the shutter.

That desire hasn’t changed, thankfully it’s affordable since I don’t have to get film developed.  It’s not unusual for me to take 100 pictures or more in a single day. Many of them are different points of view of the same object, while some are just random to help me remember a particular place or time.

My kids take it in stride. Although I’d bet money they roll their eyes when I’m not looking, especially when I stop and take pictures of a pile of shoes or a stranger in a parking lot. I also think they take a secret pleasure in repeating the words they heard over and over during their childhood.

“Ahem, Mom, ‘be aware of your surroundings’.  You almost got hit by a car when you stopped to take that picture.”

“There was a car? But I got a really great shot,”  I reply.

You never know when a picture might come in handy, particularly when it comes to writing.

I find that pictures help me recall details that I would otherwise forget, and sometimes they help me create stories I might not have imagined.

Through pictures I remember, how a spring rain looks through the window, the canal at sunset, and the cold winter day we discovered Philadelphia on foot.

I imagine everything from a princess in her castle with a secret garden, to the mysterious man in red shoes carrying a suspicious leather satchel. Who knows what stories they might bring in the future.

I don’t know if a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s worth at least 200.

spring rain through my window

Yardley PA, Delaware Canal at Sunset

Philadelphia Walking Tour

Ridley Mansion

Ridley Mansion, Secret Garden

man with the red shoes, philadelphia

4 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth 200 Words

    1. Isn’t it though? I couldn’t resist taking it. I didn’t notice at the time that his shoes match the fence, I was to curious about the leather bag and where he would have found red shoes like that 🙂

    1. wow! thanks for the link – they really are amazing. i somehow doubt that the photos i take with my little digital camera could create such masterpieces, but it’s fun to think about

      thanks for sharing!


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