Fed Ex Delivers

The one thing I’ve been missing since I moved into my house is a full length mirror.  For the past year the task of determining whether or not an outfit worked or not has been a bit complicated.

The first step is to rotate in front of the  waist high mirror on my vanity and make sure my top matches my skirt or slacks, make the decision between tucked or un-tucked, and whether or not I should wear a belt. Next it’s down to the dining room to look in the mirror over the buffet to ensure that everything above the waist matches, is properly buttoned, and there are no tags poking out. The final check point is the mirrored curio cabinet in the living room where  if I stand ‘just so’ I can see my feet well enough to decide between heels or flats, boots or shoes, and come summertime whether I should wear flip flops or strappy sandals.

For the past year Christian has been asking me to buy a full length mirror but there was always something else we needed more, and my routine while not perfect seemed sufficient. Although I would have to admit that it probably didn’t work as well for someone who is six foot five as it did for someone who is five foot four (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

I was finally ready to buy one, however since the holidays were just around the corner I had the brilliant idea to put it on my Christmas list and hope for a good after holiday sale if I didn’t find a tall skinny box under the tree.

Yesterday I was surprised to see the Fed Ex truck stop in front of the house. I was even more surprised to see that he was carrying a tall skinny box with the picture of a full length mirror on it.  I knew in an instant that my mom had sent me an additional surprise for Christmas as she was the only one I had mentioned it to.

After a quick and relatively painless assembly I called her to say thank you.

“Did you send me a mirror?” I asked with a giggle.

“No, I didn’t,” she replied.

“Uh oh.”

We pondered the possibilities and came to the conclusion that the originator of the package had to be Katie and that Fed Ex had delivered the package a day too early.  I spent the next thirty minutes trying to figure out how I was going to break the news to Katie or if there was some way that I could dis-assemble, repackage, and pretend it hadn’t happened.

The phone rang and I didn’t have to look at the caller I.D. to know it was Katie. I had no doubt it was my daughter and that most likely I had already been betrayed by the wonders of modern technology and on-line tracking.

Simultaneous waves of guilt and relief swept through me as I handed the phone to Christian, guilt because I should have fessed up and relief because I had a few more minutes to contemplate a suitable remedy to the situation.  My relief was short lived.

“Mommy!  Don’t you know that when you receive a package around the holidays that is not addressed to you that you shouldn’t open it, let alone assemble it?” she exclaimed.

“Honey, I am so sorry I had no idea it was from you.  I thought for sure my mom had sent it,” I replied.

“Argh, Fed Ex was supposed to deliver it on Monday while you were at work and I was there.  Not Saturday when you are at home and I’m still in Chicago.  Who’d have thought that they’d be so darn efficient, deliver it early and foil Christmas?” she said, followed by a heavy sigh.

“Well…on the other hand, now you don’t have to assemble it and you can use it the whole time you’re here,” I countered.

“Good point Mompa.”

By the time we were done talking we were laughing so hard we were both crying.  Especially when we imagined the poor customer service person’s face if they got a complaint that the delivery was not on time because it was early.

10 thoughts on “Fed Ex Delivers

  1. Perfect story! – I on the other hand am not quite ready for a full length.

    Happy warm holidays, to you and your family. JM

  2. I so get the first part of this story as someone who performed similar choreography for yeeeeears. But I broke down about a month ago and bought one at HomeGoods. It’s incredible the difference it makes for outfit-assembly! Good on ye!

  3. Nice daughter…interesting you thought it was from one generation but it was from another. You all have a tight bond.

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