A Rose by Any Other Name

I never realized until recently how similar a rose and a pine cone are.  On the surface, if you think about it, they share a comparable shape.  They have ‘petals,’ but yet one is soft and her lines are subtle and the other is hard and his lines are defined.  Both are beautiful, and when you look at them from a certain perspective they belong together.

The lesson in my drawing class this week was to draw a pine cone; it took work and guidance for it to take shape.  The focus of the lesson was to create the shape (not draw it).  In essence, use a piece of charcoal to create the foundation of the sketch and then pull out the lights and add back in the darks to draw the object; a method to bring life to black and white. (Who knew that an eraser is a way to help create and not just a way to hide mistakes.)

My beautiful instructor provided me with encouragement, support, and experience which helped me turn my rose into a pine cone, and an equally beautiful shape.

10 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other Name

  1. I was really hoping it was a pine cone. I read the title and I was like “Shoot I see pine cone” You had me worried there for a minute…

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