Round 2 – Athena

Post Sandy and now with power; I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts, get caught up on my life, and figure out how and what to write about. After only a few days without power and a week without access to the internet I felt lost.  It makes me feel spoiled and I can’t imagine what people who are still displaced must be going through.

Tonight it seems that round 2 of the storms is making it’s way along the East Coast. The trees still have leaves and we haven’t even begun raking in earnest.

Unlike last week when Sandy hit, I have batteries and dry firewood in addition to bottles of water and lots of peanut butter and jelly.

I’m tempted to leave my patio furniture and grill on the porch until spring.

Hoping I wake up to bright lights and sunshine.

5 thoughts on “Round 2 – Athena

    1. 🙂 you’re absolutely right – and it did seem to work (after I fixed it)

      you should have seen it before i ‘fixed’ it – the post ended in mid sentence and was barely a complete thought – LOL!

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