Home Alone – A Glimpse of my Empty Nest

It’s impossible for me to believe that in just a little more than six months I am going to be an Empty Nester.

Christian is in St. Louis this weekend. He and Jeff went to a concert last night and are hanging out today.  I think it’s awesome that my kids get along so well and enjoy doing things together.

We listened to one of the band’s CD and Christian navigated us along the New Jersey Turnpike.

“So am I taking the train or are you picking me up from the airport?”  he asked.

“Well, I hadn’t really thought about it.  It would be good practice for when you’re coming home from college for breaks. I’ll leave it up to you, just let me know what you decide.”

The phrase “coming home from college” caught in my throat just a bit.

He looked more ‘grown up’ than ever as he flashed his boarding pass and driver’s license for the TSA agent and he exuded the confidence of a well grounded teenager. It was as though I was watching a movie preview or looking into the future.

It’s been an adjustment each time I watched one of my kids begin their college adventure, but this time is going to be the biggest change of all.  Christian and I have been on our own for the past three years and have developed a very comfortable routine and enjoyable relationship.

I’m so happy to be among the parents who can say that they genuinely like their kids and that my kids like me back.

My nest will soon be empty and although I have some apprehension about being on my own, I’m also looking forward to exploring the next phase of my life.

Who knows what my next adventure will be?

5 thoughts on “Home Alone – A Glimpse of my Empty Nest

  1. I cannot imagine – what will you do? Is this when mother’s start knitting or making quilts? With you – it’s going to be a very large published book.

  2. I hear you! My son will be leaving for Argentina next March, and then ours will officially be an empty nest. My kids have always been at the heart of our family life. But I have anticipated this, and am looking at that as a time to make things happen in the rest of my life–more time to write and take yoga and get serious about exercise.

    I take comfort in the fact that my daughter will be home for spring break soon after Eli leaves, and then hubby and I will go celebrate our 30th anniversary in Mexico. Think ahead to how you can make this time count for you, and build in your own goals and rewards.

    Good luck to all those who are happy their kids are learning to fly, and trying not to miss them too much.

    1. Well said Naomi!

      It is a time that will be very different, but I’m looking forward to a certain sense of freedom. Over all I’m looking at it as a new chapter and through the eyes of an adventurer 🙂

      And 2x on your good luck wishes!

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