Spring has Finally Sprung

It’s been one of the coldest and gloomiest springs that I can remember. I was still wearing my winter jacket during the first week of April.  I just couldn’t seem to warm up enough to go outside without bundling up.

Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t hear the roar of my furnace followed by the clickty clacks along the baseboard as the heat kicked in to take the chill out of the air.

To celebrate the nice weather I grabbed my camera and walked along the towpath. It was interesting to observe how different things look this spring as compared to last spring.

I bumped into Bonnie, the tender of my favorite neighborhood garden.  She once again caught me taking pictures of her flowers and invited me into her garden to take more. 🙂


This daffodil reminded me of a miniature sun.

this makes me smile

And I loved the contrast of colors, deep purple and pops of bright yellow against an emerald backdrop.


Last year at this time the daffodils lined the towpath in full bloom and the green was brilliant and bright.


This year there were very few daffodils and it was as though spring was trying to fight her way out of winter’s grasp.


The natural grass looked like it was still late fall, I couldn’t see even a hint of green.


I always love the whimsical, almost mysterious, hints of red that introduce spring along the branches of this tree.

whimsical gateway to romance

It felt wonderful to be outside and to become reacquainted with the towpath, my camera, and spring.

5 thoughts on “Spring has Finally Sprung

  1. I agree that Spring seemed very long in coming but today almost seems more like Summer. I fear that Spring may have gotten lost and the we could skip into much warmer weather than we are prepared for. Enjoyed your photos along the towpath. I love to walk there too. Enjoyed seeing you Saturday. Keep writing and Happy Spring!! 🙂

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