Has it really been a month?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I have written here.   I knew starting my own business was going to be hard work, but I didn’t quite comprehend how consuming it would be.

I’ve had some funny experiences that someday I will have to write about.  Everything from my computer crashing an hour before my students arrived to the dogs barking hysterically in the final minutes of a webinar I was recording.  It’s been a crazy learning experience and for the most part it’s also been a lot of fun.

I’ve been very fortunate and have accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time and the future looks promising. I’ve realized it’s time that I put some balance back into my life – all of the hard work I did last year discovering that I am an artist and how important it is to have balance needs to come back into play.

To that end, the first thing I have done is put exercise back in my life.  It’s been great to get out on my bike and travel along the towpath.  I’ve also been making it a point to try and rekindle my creativity and ‘artsy’ nature.  I’m still struggling with what to draw.  After finishing all of the abstract ink pieces on handmade paper, nothing has really inspired me.  Maybe it’s time to consider taking another class, although that will have to wait until fall for a variety of reasons.

My camera is back in action and I’ve captured some great shots along the towpath.  As much as I can’t stand geese, I have to admit these little ones are cute.  They were so kind as to line up in a little row for me so I could take a picture.

baby geese along the towpath

Yesterday they were learning to swim.  I felt much safer taking pictures of them swimming than on the ground; somehow the hissing from the grown ups wasn’t quite as scary coming from further away.

baby geese learning to swim in the Delaware Canal

There are many people who live along the canal that have canoes. I took pictures of every canoe along a six mile stretch of the towpath.  Perhaps that’s an idea for another blog post.

silver canoe along the towpath


I never get tired of the breathtaking, brilliance of spring.  The pinks seem to be extra pink this year.

brilliant pink spring blooms

It’s only when you pause for a moment and actually take things in that you realize that there must be a million different shades of green.

Spring Framing the Delaware Canal


It feels good to be back to exercising and taking pictures again.  I think it’s time to get back to making the time to do some personal writing as well.

4 thoughts on “Has it really been a month?

  1. Beth………
    You sound simply awesome: energetic and full of wit and wisdom and insight.
    Now i have to start reading your blog backwards to catch up on your awesomeness.

    Helen aka aquagirl

  2. Beautiful photos. As you have not been writing much on the blog, busy with more pressing pursuits and priorities, I have not been blog reading as much as well. It must be that time of year. Keep on writing though.

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