#Inktober Favorites

It turns out that no-shave November is preceded by #inktober, a month-long challenge to do an ink drawing every day. It’s intent is to motivate artists to draw on a regular basis and as a way to improve one’s technique.

Even the best artists get better the more they practice and play with their favorite medium or experiment with a new one.

I started the challenge late. I was too busy working on my Fall watercolor garden to even notice that there was a challenge underway. Once I came up for air I realized that many of my artist friends on Google+ were  posting wonderful ink drawings on a daily basis. Their masterpieces ranged from simple sketches to elaborate doodles.

There’s no way I’ll complete the goal of creating something every day, but that’s OK. It was fun to get my pens out and see what I could come up with. Here are a few of my favorites:

A black and white flower garden was my first entry. It’s kind of whimsical and fun.

inktober flower garden

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places and in this case I was inspired to keep it simple just like the pattern on my dinnerware. It’s amazing what your mind can come up with when you let it wander while emptying the dishwasher.
flower outline
We’ve had more than a few beautiful Fall days here in Pennsylvania I took this somewhat fuzzy picture of a cute little tree in my neighborhood.
Autumn Treee
It inspired me to pull out the Prismacolor markers and create a very bright and all ink interpretation of it.
I remember the night I made the following entry well.  I’d spent at least an hour wasting time and paper trying to draw something other than a flower or a tree. In all honesty I’d given up on an #inktober entry for tonight.

I signed onto Facebook and what showed up in my feed? A picture of a beautiful African Daisy – posted by one of my friends.

I was instantly inspired and motivated to draw. Pretty sure I’ve never even used these ink colors before. Hopefully I did her photo some justice.
This entry started out being very whimsical  with light lines and little shading
it ended up being a bit intense – interesting…
After a long but good day, a bubble bath by candle light not only helped me unwind but was also fuel for creativity. Believe it or not, this was inspired by shadows cast on the wall of my bathroom by the flames from three votive candles.

 Feeling a little transitional lately – maybe those feelings inspired this entry. My version of a “tree of seasons.”

tree of seasons
Last but not least, my favorite. I picked up this little gem on my walk the other day – it served as some inspiration .Hydraenga

I believe it’s from a Hydrangea tree/plant – it was so strange to find this one lone piece lying on the grass at my feet.

I couldn’t resist bringing it home.
Now to decide how to complete the final four days of #inktober. 🙂

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