A Night at the Tavern

Four miles from where Washington crossed the Delaware, in a building that was part of the Underground Railroad, there once lived a man named Sam.  In 1845 Samuel Slack was the town librarian and earned a whopping $1.00 a year.  Talk about having to know how to stretch a dollar!

Independence Day had a different meaning for Sam. On July 4th, 1860 he received a license to open the “Yardleyville Hotel.”  150 years later,  2 North Main Street is the home of “The ‘New’ Continental Tavern,” a favorite watering hole and restaurant for the residents in and around Yardley, PA.

I’ve been there several times and have sampled many items from the menu’s wide array of choices, ranging from salad and sandwiches to steak and salmon.  My personal favorite is the classic burger topped with your choice of cheese, mine is blue cheese.

I’d never seen blue cheese as an option before eating at the Continental Tavern, but it’s become one of my favorites.  The zesty tang blends well with the robust flavor of the certified Angus beef and delectable bun.  Paired with the dark caramel colored Yuengling and perfectly crisped and salted fries, it’s a meal worth saving  a splurge for.

For those who don’t care for blue cheese, the traditional choices of swiss, provolone, and American are available.  Fries come in three styles: original, Sweet Potato Fries, or the Tavern specialty, fries seasoned with Old Bay.

You’ll find a variety of drinks to choose from, ranging from sodas to beer, including wine and spirits.    If you’re a beer lover, you may have a hard time making up your mind; the assortment ranges from the everyday domestics through Yuengling and Dos Equis. The last one on the list  caught my eye, Rogue Dead Guy, I think I’ll stay away from that one.

The bartender greets the regulars by name, asking about soccer tournaments and little league games. The wait staff is friendly, albeit a bit single threaded, and seemed to handle only one table at a time.  Laughter rings out above the din of friends catching up on the latest events and cheering for the winning home team.

The dining room has family friendly seating and TVs for dad (or mom) to catch the play of the game. Whether you’re a toddler that can sleep through anything while snuggled into daddy’s chest, on a date, or out with the guys there’s a place for you here to enjoy friends and family and appreciate a great meal.

Yardley PA, Continental Tavern MenuContinental Tavern Yardley PA, Yuengling

Continental Tavern, Yardley PA, Bleu Cheese Burger with bun

Continental Tavern, Yardley PA, Bleu Cheese Burger with bun

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