If my smart phone was ‘really’ smart…

It would ‘know’ when I requested navigation to an incorrect address and that I was walking not driving to my destination.

There are 2 CVS pharmacies near where my writer’s group meeting is held.  One has a parking garage, the other does not.  You would think I’d remember that the one I want is on South Street, not Market Street, but I don’t.

The phone was pretty smart on my trek to the Chestnut Street meeting place, and I successfully avoided going the wrong way on a one way street every time, which of course is very important when you’re walking.  Who knew there was a selection for walking vs. driving directions?

I arrived to my meeting late, but in time to catch the final part of the ‘craft talk’ and in plenty of time for the critiques.

The process is very interesting.  The author introduces the piece being reviewed and then goes silent as the group discusses the writing as though the author wasn’t present.

The group is diverse in age, race, writing style and ability, not to mention points of view on life.  I was impressed with the time each reviewer put into their critiques, many had taken copious notes on printed versions of the manuscript which were then passed on to the author.

A member of the group moderates each session. The evaluations consist of positives, constructive feedback, nitpicks, and a final word from the author.  The feedback was genuine and for the most part valuable. I think I’ll be brave enough next month next month to submit something.

Feeling inspired, motivated, and thankful to not have to think about directions; I left the meeting and followed my smart phone to the CVS.  The only problem was, it wasn’t where I had parked my car.

I pondered my predicament. I was lost, alone, and in the middle of an unfamiliar and very large city.  Several options entered my mind, including having melt down at the corner of 11th and Market Street.  Common sense won out, and I got the correct address from the pharmacist inside.

I took advantage of the detour. I got to see some of the city I otherwise wouldn’t have, I took some great pictures, which included street signs that mark a closer parking garage for future meetings ( I won’t mention my close encounter with a car when I stopped suddenly in the middle of the street to snap a shot).

Even though I had fun and made the best of it, I still think that if my smart phone was ‘really’ smart, it would have known what I meant, not what I said.

5 thoughts on “If my smart phone was ‘really’ smart…

  1. Yes, our phones really should know what we need not just what we think we want. The workshop sounds like a terrific opportunity!

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