The Envelope Please…

“You’ve been nominated…” – I’ve always wanted to hear those words about me and now I have! I was officially nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I’d like to thank Naomi Baltuck for passing the award along to me as well as for her support and encouragement.  Be sure to check out her blog Writing Between the Lines.  She’s funny, insightful, and a very talented writer.

In keeping with the established tradition for accepting the award, I am sharing seven things about me and have the honor to pass the award along to other talented bloggers.

First things first – a little more about me

1.  I had very little hair as a small girl.  Thankfully my mom figured out a way to work with it so no one would mistake me for a boy.

2.  I have a very low voice and before the days of video cameras in the drive through lane, more often than not the ordering process concluded with, “Will that be all sir?”  The first time my kids witnessed it first-hand they literally laughed until they cried.

3.  I was 44 when I registered for my first triathlon, I didn’t own a bike, and I hadn’t run since a failed attempt at track in high school.  I now have a half dozen events under my belt.

4.  I’m a Leo with a Sagittarius rising sign.  I read my horoscope every day.  I’ve been known to go to psychics.  I own a deck of Tarot cards and I believe in ghosts but not in coincidences.

5.  I have a prayer box beside my bed.  I write my dreams and my worries on slips of paper and put them in the box.  It keeps them from rattling around in my brain all day because I know they’re in a safe place and one by one my prayers will be answered.

6.  My favorite book is Gone With the Wind, I’ve read it no less than a dozen times and I cry from the time it’s apparent Melanie is going to die until the end of the book.  When I was a teenager I had a copy of the book illustrated with movie stills but a mouse chewed his way through it while we were on summer vacation.  I have no doubt that the wail of anguish and the waterfall of tears that ensued was heard around the neighborhood.

7.  I told one of my first bosses that I had no need to learn how to use a PC, let alone actually use applications like Excel and Microsoft Word.  Little did I know that I would end up spending a good deal of my career in an IT role managing software developers and designing websites.   I’ll never be 100% sure if his threat to fire me if I didn’t learn how to use Excel was real or not, but I’m glad I didn’t risk it.

Phew!  Now for the fun part – accepting and passing on the award…Ta Da!

Take some time and check out these entertaining and interesting blogs – Cheers to the world of Versatile Blogging 🙂

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15 thoughts on “The Envelope Please…

  1. Congratulations, Beth. And the items on your list give us a better feeling for the wonderful person you are. Thank you for the kind words. I look forward to exploring the blogs you recommend.

    1. thanks Naomi! it was fun to write and gave me more ideas for future posts. I have to admit that none of what I included in the post was something I would have considered writing about if it hadn’t been for you.

      thanks so much for your support



  2. Congratulations on your award. I really enjoyed getting to know more about you by reading this post. Really enjoy all of your writing… put so much of yourself into it and you keep getting better as you go. 🙂

  3. First of all, I like #2, it made me laugh.
    As for #4, I’ve been telling my husband for years that we have a ghost in the attic!
    #5 is a fantastic idea, which I’m thinking of stealing…
    I love a good love story, especially if you throw a little history in the mix and #6 is one of the BEST!
    Congratulations and many thanks (tusen takk) for the nomination 🙂

    1. – I don’t have nearly as much fun going through the drive thru lanes as I used to
      – I completely believe I have a ghost that followed me from Nebraska to Pennsylvania 😉

      – I swear by #5…and think everyone should do it 🙂

      – a little history always makes things more interesting 😉

      thank you for your kind comments

      i’m about halfway through your book and am thoroughly enjoying it! i can relate to it on many many levels – thank you for sharing your story!

  4. #5 is a good one. I have seen little Mexican “worry” dolls, about 1 inch high, in my travels. You get several of them in a small box. You tell each one the issue and put them in a small box provided. They get to worry on their assigned issues for you, so that you can make it to sleep. Like the recent posts.

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