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A month or so ago, I had a crazy idea to start another blog and publish a few excerpts and drafts from my book in progress along the way. At the moment I conceived the idea, I thought I was brilliant. Turns out; it’s a lot of work to maintain multiple blogs, people really only want to follow one blog, and it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to pluck out portions of the book as I write.

So I have decided to stick with one blog and when the spirit moves me, I will post the pieces here under the category of A Leap of Faith. There are a few pieces that I am going to re-post here. If you’ve already read them I hope you enjoy them again.

In other news I will be updating the look and feel of my blog and moving it to instead of I’ve been told it’s a painless and transparent process so I don’t expect any issues. I’m making the move so more search engines can find me and so that I can add some additional functionality.

I’m not sure about the timing; it will most likely be in early August.

Thanks to all of you who continue to read and support my writing efforts!

9 thoughts on “Blog News

  1. I didn’t know you had two blogs and look forward to reading your work!
    Good luck with everything… I’ll continue to follow, but I don’t get e-mail notification (for some reason) thats why I’m usually late in reading your posts.

    1. Thanks Maggie 🙂 It turned out that trying to maintain 2 blogs wasn’t very practical.

      I wonder if the notifications are going into your junk mail? I see your name in my dashboard under followers. I posted today. 🙂

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