I Am Enough

There’s been a turning point in my life. For the past few months I’ve been waffling and worrying about the path I’ve chosen. There have been more than a few sleepless nights and anxious mornings.

In addition to the sleepless nights and anxious mornings, I’ve been experiencing some issues with my right hip and knee. It may seem unrelated to my feelings of uncertainty, but I’m almost positive it is.

Recently, the nights have been more restful and the mornings are hopeful rather than anxious. Interestingly, the nagging pain I’ve been experiencing in my hip and knee have almost completely disappeared.

Call me crazy, but I think it’s a physical (and meta physical) sign that I’m ready to move forward into the next stage of life. It’s as though I’ve stepped through the door of opportunity and my future lies at my feet.

Literally at my feet.

It’s my job now to sort through  and select the opportunities that will keep me, and the people I meet along the way, moving forward in a positive direction.

I often worry that if I let too much of myself out people won’t be able to understand, let alone accept me. But maybe they will and already do.

Maybe they’re relieved to learn that someone else feels the same way that they do. They may be amazed that someone is willing to try and express their feelings through writing or drawing or photography. I know I’m amazed by  people who can express themselves creatively.

In my mind, to find a way to represent human feelings through creativity is nothing short of brave.

You really don’t have to be “talented,” you just have to be willing to express and share. As a friend of mine says, “talent is overrated.” It’s not about a formula, it’s about being original and “uniquely you.”

I think my favorite artists and creators are the ones that remind us of the need to enjoy life, to savor the taste of food or enjoy the beauty of a garden.

There’s a lot to be said for the presentation of a meal, for the adornments on the table. And for the smiles and laughter that are shared among family and friends because the setting is so perfect and inviting and comfortable.

Creativity is about bringing your passion to life.

Creativity is about bringing life to your passion.

It’s remembering, “I am enough.”

I am enough

Author’s note:

The drawing is from my “ink journal” or maybe I should call it a doodle journal – just somewhere to express thoughts in ink rather than trying to produce art. Sometimes I write, sometimes I draw. This is my second doodle – took a few nights. Nothing spectacular, but I thought it was fun.

I didn’t realize where it came from until I remembered one of the first exercises from “Walking in This World” by Julia Cameron.

It wasn’t like I was reading a book, it was like the author was sitting next to me and knew exactly what I needed to hear and do.

The exercise was to queue up fifteen minutes worth of calming and expansive music, lie down and close your eyes and let your mind wander, giving your thoughts over to the phrase, “I am enough.” Her parting words to me were, “Stop striving to be more and appreciate what it is you already are.”

I am enough.

15 thoughts on “I Am Enough

  1. Been suffering with Shingles for the last three weeks
    needless to say, reading this blog brought me right home to; ‘I am enough’. I’d been running around
    like a headless chicken for months and totally forgot to check in
    with my physical well- being and duh! the body
    said it for me ‘enough’.

  2. Beth, in every decade of our lives comes a new stage. One thing I have learned in my 73 years is that I never stop learning and growing. Life changes. We take on different roles….mother-in-law, grandmother (and volunteer for me) become new titles….each one developing a new side of us. You are going to find that you are not only “enough” now but you will be more than enough as new developments and new people, new opportunities, come into your life because you allow yourself to be open to it. I feel you will keep your heart and mind open because that is who you are. I can’t wait to watch your life unfolding because you have such a wonderful, open way of sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. Your creativity is still developing and it’s fun to watch where life is taking you. Enjoy the ride! xo

    1. Maggie, you are too kind. I’m so sorry I’ve fallen off of the face of the planet, life had been interesting lately.

      Thank you so much for stopping by – I hope to be able to get caught up on your posts and adventures sometime soon.



  3. Well done, well said. No doubt that the physical is connected to your mental well being. This post was a very positive turning point for your writing and the blog.

    1. Steve, thank you so much – your feedback means a lot. I agree there is a connection between physical and mental well being, in fact I think it’s even more powerful than most people realize.

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